Professional Studio Claves

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Claves belong, as well as specially chosen shakers, to the basic make-up of the percussionist.
The sound quality of the claves is principally made up through the choice of the specialty wood.
Through the combination of high quality manufacturing and the long years of experience of the manufacturer, one can buy Claves with a perfect harmonious sound. One can use these Claves live as well as in the studio knowing they stand up to the highest demands of every professional musician.

Hand made pare of professional Claves made from select Rosewood.
Length: ca. 22cm
Diameter: ca. 3cm

The claves have a sound that is at once penetrating deep as well as rich in high tones, almost cutting- the right choice for a full sound image.

Sound file: Professional Studio Claves (mp3, 380kb, 0:16min)

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