Built-in Pickup

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Pickup system suited for Cajons of all current brands.

This system consists of a pre-amplifier with volume control and a contact microphone specifically for the Cajon.
The American company, B-Band, is a specialist in the area of contact microphony and manufactures under the UKKO Microphone System specifically for drums and percussion.

Important: The installation requires possible contact with the inside of the Cajon.

The contact microphone is adhered to the inner side of the percussion platform using the enclosed 3M adhesive strips. Through a little experimenting, you can easily find out which position fits the microphone for the best sound.

The preamplifier is equipped with a 6.3mm input, over which the system can then be connected to a mixer, for example. A 9V battery is the required for operation (not included). For attaching the battery, a separate box is included which is also adhesive. The volume potentiometer regulates the volume and works simultaneously as the on/off switch for the system.

Hint: The individual components are together; so complex soldering is not necessary. However, we recommend the permanent installation of the jack/pre-amplifier or volume potentiometer. For that, holes must be drilled into the rear panel of the Cajon!

We incur no guarantee for damages that occur as a result of installation problems. Please also keep in mind that the warranty on your instrument can expire!
A detailed instruction manual for installation is enclosed.

We have tested the System repeatedly and are confident of the basic operation and sound. Therefore, we can emphatically recommend the additional installation.

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