Cube Snare

€ 154,00

Without a doubt the most central piece of the Trap set is the Snare Drum. But do you really want to go without the Snare if you are playing unplugged and it can not be so loud?

The corners of the Cube Snare Drum really make for an all- round deal:
The perfect voice and distinctive sound, regardless if you play with the sticks (with Stickcaps), brushes or rods, the sound is a first- class wood- corner sound when played in the corners of the snare. Because of the variable playability this snare could used instead of a Hi-hat.


Hitting surface: Birch
Body: Beech
12 Snare wires made from stainless steel
Playing surface: 29 cm x 29 cm
Height of instrument: 10 cm
Finish: indian red, hitting surface purposely raw

The drum is affixed on a normal snare drum stand which is not included in the package.

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