Cube Drum Basic Kit

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This Cube Drum Kit is reduced to the basics. This is pure Groove.

Because of its square design the Cube Drum is a real looker and is the world’s first functional wood drum set. The set can be played with normal wood sticks that are fitted with Stickcaps.
The Cubee Drum Kit is simple to transport, the sound unmistakably wooden and comparably quiet (even for the living room) is really shamelessly good.


The Basic Kit consists of the 16” Cube Bass drum
and the Cube Snare which is outfitted with 12” snare wires.
Other specialties of the Snare include the raw wooden hitting surface and the clear wood block sounds in the corner.
The Bass Drum comes with an integrated stand which is designed with the possibility of mounting a foot machine.

The Cube Drum Basic Kit comes complete with the following:
Soft Beater and Stickcaps

Caution: Please use the recommended Pedal on the Bass Drum. Using other Pedals can result in damaging the hitting surface of the Bass Drum. Use of other Pedals will cancel the Manufacturers Warranty.

Not contained in the Basic Kit are: divers stands, High hats, toms


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