Cajon Assembly Kit

€ 32,00

Build your own Groove Box
With the Complete Assembly Kit, itís fast, easy and lotís of fun.

Am I able to do this too?
Of course! No one has to be a specialist here to build a perfect instrument, because all the pieces are precisely pre-built and easily reassembled.
The detailed instruction manual, complete with pictures, shows step by step how easy it is.

What else do I need?
You donít need anything except an electric screwdriver and a hammer, because all the parts and supplies are already provided in the assembly kit.

How long does it take?
On average you need approximately an hour to build a play-ready Box. However, in the end, everyone determines his own pace. Our office worker does it in 20 minutesÖ

Is this piece worth the price?
In the assembly kit, you will find the same high-quality wood as that which is used for our other Cajon series.
You can hear this level of quality! Full bass and a crisp snare guarantee extended playing pleasure.
Advantages of the Cajon Complete Assembly Kit at a glance:
- fast and easy mounting without complicated measuring, sawing and reworking
- precisely pre-built parts
- ďClap CornersĒ enable an amplification of the sound spectrum
- the snare wire can be tonally changed
- no special tools needed
- individual design is possible
- quality, direct from instrument builder
- all parts for a complete snare Cajon (wood, snare wire, foot pads, bronze screws)
- additional supplies (glue and sand paper)
- detailed instruction manual
- short introduction course for Cajon playing
- Size: approx. 43 x 30 x 30 cm

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