Allround Cajon

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The Cajon is a resounding all-round cajon, perfectly integrating itself into various musical styles.
Through the successful combination of partial gluing and screwed hitting surface with the body, the instrument sounds lauder and stronger against ones that are only glued.
This style features a expanded playing sound, the “clap corners” with the typical wood on wood clapping sounds.

The snare wires, made out of stainless steel, are like the “real” snare drums in a drum set in that they are affixed on both sides and loosely lay the complete length of the inside of the drum. Because of these wires one achieves the snare sounds even with light playing.
The sound is rich in the high tones with strong crash sounds and is heard even through the strong sounding bass.
While playing the bass, the snare sound is heard lightly in the background, so that the complete Cajon sound works like a homogeneous unit and can be described as very drum- set typical.


Body: Beech
Hitting surface: Beech
Premium wax finish- natural
Wide felt feet for secure sitting
Special rawed sitting surface for slide free sitting

Height: 47cm
Width: 30cm
Depth: 30cm

Optional on the Cajon RS is a pre installed microphone system. Used is an AKG flat condense microphone which needs an outside power source. This usually is supplied from the mixing board. (48V Phantom Power)

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