Afro Rod

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One-of-a-kind rod from palm branches

Directly manufactured in Africa, it enables us Europeans to have a completely new sound and playing experience.
An absolute must for every percussionist and drummer.

• enables warm sounds and smooth, unique feel to playing
• rod from plant fiber
• movable rings to regulate the abrasiveness

• manufactured in Guinea/West Africa
• a developmental aid project of Cajon-Direkt Percussion ® for the support of Guinean families

the story

“On jaarmaa!” (Hello!) greet two adolescents in the local language of Pulaar and walk past Baïlo Diakité, who is sitting on a stool in front of his hut. His wife, Ijjatou, sits next to him by an open fire with the youngest three of his five children and prepares rice with souce from leafs, an essential meal in this country.
Baïlo holds a single leaf of an oil palm in his hand. With a knife, he peels away the leaf until only the center rib remains. A whole pile of these small branches already lays next to him—the raw material for the Afro-Rods…

Baïlo lives in Dembo, a small village in the mountains of Fouta Djalon in the West African country of Guinea. In spite of its natural resources, this country is one of the poorest in the world. Most people in the rural areas live on less than a dollar per day; from which there is no industry, except for a few tailors, shoemakers and carpenters. The people live from their small rice and manioc plants. Therefore, Baïlo was both thrilled and skeptical when we spoke with him about the possibility of producing the Afro-Rods for us.
Thrilled, because the brushes are a great opportunity for him to earn a living. Skeptical, because he couldn’t imagine that West Europeans could also have rhythm in their blood.
It’s up to us to enlighten him…

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